New bobbin lace book from Lia Looga
perignon February 19, 2012
The grand old lady of Estonian bobbin lace Lia Looga published in February 2012 her new lace book: "Niplisehted ja aksessuaarid: I" ("Bobbin Lace Jewellery and Accessories: I").
She writes about her book in the preface:

"In its style and structure the current book "Bobbin Lace Jewellery and Accessories: I" is similar to the book "Niplisehted. Bobbin Lace Jewellery". In addition to the wide range of jewellery in the current book there are also necklaces, lace trimmings for shoulder and dresses as well as other stylish accessories for garments - shawls and scarfs. The book represents a silvery, blue and red collection of jewellery and accessories.
I hope this compendium will inspire other lacemakers to search and find new ways and solutions in lacemaking. Enjoy experimenting!"

Tartu, 2012. ISBN 978-9949-30-216-1

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Oh! This is such a lovely use of color and design!
Karen Trettel February 19, 2012
I'm really interested in getting this book, but I can't find it in my country. I'm from Spain, could somebody help me, please?
Sara February 19, 2012
Email again:
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